FREQUENTLY asked questions

How long is the tour?

Bus tours are 5 hours pickup to drop off. Walking tours are all different and details can be found in the tours overview.

Who gives the tours?

Us! Short and simple we are guide owned and operated.  When you come on a Detroit History Tour you're our guest and we take your enjoyment seriously.

On occasion someone amazing pops in to host a tour and present their area of expertise so beautifully we bow to their wisdom and nerd out as tour guest. If that's the case that guides biography will be prominently displayed in the tour information.

Are refunds or exchanges available for online ticket purchases?

No, there are no refunds or exchanges for ticket purchases. Please double-check your dates and times before finalizing your order. If you really, really screwed up and your spouse is yelling, your dog’s mad at you, or your mother in laws in town and its super awful- Call us. We will do our best to help make it all better..

What if it rains?

All bus tours depart rain or shine as long as it’s safe. Our walking tours go out if there isn’t lighting and the guide feels its safe (basically if Bailey say’s its ok). You will get a phone call and email in the event of a tour cancellation.

Do you offer discounts for big groups?

Yep, Call or email us before you book.

Are children welcome on the tours?

All passengers on our bus tours must be over 21. Unless its a private tour and prearranged. Children are welcome on our walking tours but not strollers because of the routes we take and the physical need to walk about two miles we recommend no children under 10 years old.

But, we've got kids and they want to do the tour. If we ask nice can they come?

No, They still can’t come but we love kids. They are some of our favorite people so we are thrilled to book private tours for groups of children, schools, scouts, or families. This allows us to guarantee that we won’t cuss, stop at bars, or ruin the time of other ticket buyers who want time away from little humans. Seriously, we really do like kids.

Are there snacks and beverages available on the bus?

We will provide light snacks and bottled water on all bus tours, unless specified. You will be able to purchase alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks at our bar stops at your own discretion. Drinking alcohol is not allowed on our buses for public tours.



Where do I pick up my tickets?

After you buy your tickets we will email them to you, you print them and bring them with you for check in. We are also happy to see them on your smartphone if that’s easier for you.

Can I drink booze on the walking tours?

No. Except if your tour stops at a bar, in which case drinks may be purchased and drunk (it would be really assholeish of us to let you buy them and not let you drink them).

Where do your tours meet?

Meeting points are tour dependent and can be found in the tour description and in your ticket email.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes, we respect the hell out of what you do so we offer you a 5% discount. We also offer this discount to firemen and policemen both active and retired. You do need to prove your status, we’ll accept military ID’s, badges or tattoos at pick-up. Use the code "Detroithero" at checkout. Thanks for your service and general awesomeness.

Are pets allowed on tours?

No. Bailey really want’s to allow pets on the bus but was voted down in the historic  "10 reasons we can’t have cats on the bus” convention of 2014.

Service animals are of course welcome (please give us a heads up if you require a service animal by email)

Is there parking available at the pick up?

absolutely, parking is free on street parking.

Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

Some are and some aren't call us if you’re interested we will make it work. Detroit’s history belongs to everyone.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are. Detroit History Tours llc is both licensed and insured. For giggles we got copyrights and trademarked too so don't steal our crap.

What's The Detroit History Club?

To learn more about our dream in progress: The Detroit History Club, please visit the website at

If you still have a question or over ordered on Stroh's beer and want to share please feel free to contact us.